Facial Implants

At first glance, the cheeks and the chin may not seem like the most obvious areas for improvement through cosmetic surgery. However, both regions of the face are highly prone to the ravages of aging, gravity and stress, and therefore can detract from an otherwise youthful and attractive countenance. Genetics may also play a role in a patient’s dissatisfaction with their cheekbones or chin, as a weak jaw or poor bone structure is typically handed down over generations. Dr. Shabdiz offers Facial & Cheek Implants to his patients in Orange County, CA.

Cheek implants are a wonderful and more sustainable alternative to a facelift, and can dramatically improve the volume and vitality of the midface. Chin implants are generally performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty to ensure a harmonious and balanced profile. Available in a wide array of sizes and shapes, all implants are extremely flexible and perfectly complement the natural contours of the skin for a seamless outcome.

While fillers and injectables represent a less invasive approach to chin and cheek augmentation, clients interested in revitalizing their facial volume will find that results achieved via these methods lack the definition and projection accomplished through implants.


Chin and cheek augmentation patients can expect to receive their surgery under general anesthesia or IV sedation, performed by a board-certified anesthesiologist. Surgery typically lasts 1-3 hours, depending on the complexity of the procedure. In both cases, incisions are made within the mouth so as to cause no visible scarring. The chin implant is inserted above the jawbone and then adjusted into position, while the cheek implants are slipped through an incision at the upper gums and then fine-tuned into place. If chin or cheek reduction is required, the doctor will make the same incisions and simply resize and resculpt the bones to refine the profile.

Silicone chin implant surgery requires a small incision under the chin, with the implant being placed directly on to the bone. Dr. Shabdiz prefers this method of implantation, as it allows for more accurate placement with a lower risk of infection, opposed to placing the implant through the mouth; however, both techniques are an option.


Silicone implants are the most common implant as they are relatively straightforward and easy to implant and are available in many shapes and sizes. These implants can achieve significant results and are a ‘one-piece’ soft silicone implant that has a high safety record. If needed, these implants are relatively easy to remove or replace and are also less expensive than their counterpart Medpor implant. Surgery for this implant can take approximately 30 to 45 minutes in length under general anesthesia, but can also be provided under local anesthesia in certain cases. Recovery at home can take up to 10 days with swelling lasting anywhere from 2 weeks up to 3 months.


Dr Shabdiz’s chin and cheek augmentation clients will find that bruising, swelling and discomfort are surprisingly manageable, and can be easily remedied with oral antibiotics and pain medications prescribed by Dr. Shabdiz and his team. Chin surgery clients may require a soft foods or liquid diet for several days as they heal, as chewing can irritate the newly adjusted tissue and muscle. Vigorous activity or exercise is discouraged for the first few weeks, but these can soon be resumed along with a normal work schedule within about 10-14 days. Remember that although your fabulous results may be visible right away, they can continue to improve for up to six weeks as your swelling gradually reduces.

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